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Baby Care Tips That Every Women Should Know

Thursday, November 3, 2016 11:14:15 AM Asia/Calcutta

As a new mom, your days will surround around just your newborn baby. You will keep busy in caring for your baby, his health, feeding him and a lot more. At this stage, your baby is too tiny to do anything on his own and hence requires special attention and care. He is too delicate and it is you who are supposed to take care of him and be around him every second.

If this is your first baby, you probably are unaware of how to handle and take care of your baby. Not to worry, there are several baby care tips which are easy to implement and will help you take care of your baby. These baby care tips are vast in scope and differ according to the situations. Listed below are some of them you should certainly know.

Tips for Bathing a Newborn

It can be a delightful experience to give your newborn a bath, but at the same time it can be very challenging. Some parents are too anxious that they appoint a maid to bathe their baby. You should treat your baby in the most special way and try to enjoy the new things that come with it. For the first time, you might feel nervous, but there’s no one else who can hold your baby the way you can. To ease your experience, here we offer you a few tips that can help you give your baby a bath in the safest way.

  • Make sure to keep all the necessary things around you before bathing your baby, this would help you avoid any hassle in the middle. Things like baby soap, shampoo, towel, diapers, and clothing should be kept ready.
  • Switch off fan and air conditioner beforehand and make sure to give your baby a warm water bath.
  • Don’t use soap on your baby’s face.
  • While placing your baby in the bathtub make sure to support his body properly.
  • Bring a soft and comfortable bathtub for your baby to avoid any injury.
  • Sing to your baby while you bathe him.

Tips on Baby Tooth Care

Some parents think that baby tooth care is not that important in the initial years however this is not the right assumption. Baby tooth care should start first from his birth to ensure healthy gums and teeth in the long run. Below mentioned are a few steps which will help you take good care of your baby’s teeth.

  • You must clean your baby’s gums right from the time you give semi-solid food to him. You can do this with the help of cotton or other soft materials to avoid rashes on the gums. This must be done at least once in a day. Your baby will have strong gums throughout his life.
  • Avoid putting your baby to sleep with milk or juice in his mouth. Always ensure to take bottle out of his mouth before he sleeps.
  • Make it a habit to give some water to your baby after every meal. It is because the water will free your baby’s mouth from all the small food particles.
  • Always clean your baby’s teeth at bedtime. This will help decrease bacteria and avoid dental infection.
  • Go for a dental examination of your baby and see what the doctor says.
  • You can start brushing your baby’s teeth after 18 months from the birth, but use a non-fluoride toothpaste during the first few months.

Baby Nutrition Tip

Your baby’s water need is fulfilled with the milk you give him. So there’s no need of giving him water until 6 months. Once he starts teething, he would need water, but till that time give him milk only. 

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