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Top Five Chicco Baby Products for Your Little One

Monday, October 17, 2016 5:46:02 PM Asia/Calcutta

Your newborn baby’s skin is extremely delicate so when you’re shopping for baby products for your little one, you always want to look for the best quality and the safest products for your baby’s delicate skin. Even doctors recommend parents to choose products specially formulated for babies. These products are less likely to irritate baby’s skin and more likely to protect it.

Chicco is one of the famous brands of baby products which offer only quality products made out of safe ingredients that are gentle to your baby's skin. This brand is highly recommended when it comes to shopping baby products online. It is an Italian brand that is selling baby products across more than 100 countries and well-known for its superior and reliable quality. Below mentioned is a list of Chicco products for your baby.

Five best Chicco products online for your little one

Chicco – Baby Lotion

Your baby’s skin care is equally important as just the diaper changes and late night feeding are. Most newborn babies have dry skin, so they need an additional lotion for their skin to stay hydrated. You can choose Chicco baby lotion for your newborn child as this product is free from perfumes, dyes and alcohol. It is made out of ingredients like sweet almond milk that softens and nourishes your baby’s skin. Moreover its non-oily formula is quickly absorbed by the skin. This lotion is clinically tested and suitable for your baby.

Chicco- No Tears Shampoo

It’s time for your baby’s bath, so everything needs to be perfect. Lukewarm water, hooded bath towel and of course the no-tears shampoo. Chicco presents the best quality no-tears shampoo for your baby that is absolutely mild and gentle to be used.  The product contains no parabens or hypoallergenic. Also, the no-tears formula present in the shampoo provides softness and moisture to your little one’s hair. This shampoo is clinically tested and prevents hair tangling, thus offering smooth texture to baby’s hair.

Chicco- Baby Soap

When it comes to choosing baby soaps, there’s an array of options. The best one being Chicco baby soap which is a vegetable based pure soap specially designed for your little one. It helps maintain natural hydrolipidic balance in baby’s tender skin. Moreover, the soap contains a glycerin enriched formula in the soap that allows gentle cleansing and provides moisture to the skin. The soap is dermatologically tested, hence being simple and secure for your baby’s skin.

Chicco- Baby Cream

Babies, especially newborns have tender skin. So choosing the right baby cream is extremely significant. The rich cream by Chicco is highly recommended as it contains vitamin E and Omega-3 which helps offer nourishment to baby’s skin by penetrating deeply within the skin. The cream is effectively designed to provide proper moisture to baby’s fragile skin. The product is free from parabens, dyes and alcohol. The cream is particularly great for treating dry areas of your baby’s skin.

Chicco- Dentifrico Toothpaste

It’s time for brushing your baby’s tiny gums and teeth. Avoid using any other toothpaste than the Chicco dentifrice toothpaste which specially designed for small babies. This product is free from fluoride and other preservatives. It has a good flavor         that your baby will enjoy. You can completely rely on this toothpaste when it comes to brushing your baby’s teeth.

We hope our list of Chicco products online and their advantages were of help to you. All the products listed above are specially formulated for little babies. Even doctors will recommend you to use these products. However, if you notice any irritation on your baby’s skin, you can consult a specialist in that case. Every baby is different and their skin is also different. 


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